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"Wamezidi Sasa", Concern After Another Form 2 Student Killed His Friend At Kibra After This Happened

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Nowadays some section of students both primary, secondary and universities have adopted some antisocial behavioral acts that are not worthy to the society and and against the school rules and regulations.

Many shocking incidents concerning schools have been reported across different counties here in Kenya. For example few days ago a form 3 student stabbed his principal by injecting a nail of 4 inch at his head after being told to bring a balance fee hence sustaining more injuries.

Today a form 2 student at Kibera Secondary school has killed his friend over queral against the flash disk at Katwekera region in Kibra.

According to the report shared on social media platforms by Radio jambo news on their social media platforms, the deceased lost his life after a brawl over a flash disk of that form 2 student.

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That incident have elicited mixed reactions among netizens whereby some section of Kenyans are condemning that act and are calling upon the DCI to arrest and detain that suspect.

Here are some of the reactions:

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We are sending our condolences messages to the family and friends of the deceased and may his soul rest in peace and also we are calling upon the government through DCI to arrest that form 2 student so that the deceased can get his justice.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to share your opinion and thoughts concerning that incident and stay tuned by following me for more breaking news across this country.

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Kibera Wamezidi Sasa


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