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Opinion: Marketable Teaching Combination Subjects

In Kenya the major problem for majority of youths is lack of job opportunities with or without formal training. Currently there are hundreds of thousands graduates but they have not been employed as a result of the scarce job opportunities available.

There are thousands of courses offered but what matters alot is employment. Education courses have recently started being populated because it is where graduates are atleast assured of job opportunities soon after their graduation either on school board of management terms or teachers service commission terms.

There are many teaching combainations one can pursue but here are the most marketable ones;

1. Mathematics and Chemistry

2. Mathematics and physics

3. Biology and Agriculture

4. Biology and Chemistry

5. Computer studies and any other subject

6. Physics and Chemistry

7. English and Literature

8. Geography and Mathematics

9. Home science and Biology

Other marketanle subjects include art and design, metal work, electricity and others which are rarely taken. Comment, share and follow me for the latest educational news, thank you.

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