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National Police Service Announces New Jobs For The Public

Covid 19 Pandemic has forced majority of Kenyans to forfeit their jobs after closure of some of the companies that they used to depend on.People have been jobless due to this rippling effect.The government has been scaling up its efforts to ensure that the youths get jobs be it temporary or permanent.The Kazi Kwa Vijana initiative has always greatly helped the lucky group of youths.

Recently,the National Police Service conducted a nationwide recruitment for those who were interested in joining the service.During such recruitments,the youths come out in large numbers just to try their luck.However,some do end up dying due to the hard and rigorous trainings that the recruits do undergo.The most unfortunate aspect is the rampant cases of corruption that has left many people face the law.Forgery of documents is another vice that is common during the recruitments.

Inorder to keep on providing jobs for the youths,the National Police Service has announced some jobs for those who have trained in the ordinary courses. from Counsellors to office assistants.The application deadline is set to be 26th this April before 5.00pm.Applications are sent online as stated below:

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