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College Education


Opinion: List Of Important Things That Every University Student Should Have In His/Her House.

I will mention the things required by a student. Toothbrush along with toothpaste and tongue cleaner. 1 religious book and religious picture to remind you the reason for your existence in the Earth.

2 bedsheets which need to be cleaned every 10 days. And a comfortable mattress. Footmat is compulsory. 1 pair of dishes, glass and bowls.1 pillow with 2 pillow covers. Pens with ink of every colour along with a geometry box. An Electric kettle of 1 litre capacity is enough. A comb, a hair oil and a mirror.

One small dustbin beside your bed. For me I used the packing carton of the electric kettle for this. You Should empty the dustbin every morning unless you want to be ill. Normal footwear which doesn't retain water, for going to washroom. Bathing soaps, cloth washing bar, detergent which must be carefully stored.

Most important is nail cutter. Earphones. A wrist watch to keep a track of time. Some medical supplies like Eno. A good quality lock and key. A premium quality towel (for the best comfort). Some cloth clips for drying your clothes. Dumbbells are a must.


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