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5 Most Difficulty Courses In Kenya

When it comes to choosing courses at the University or College, it's completely a stupid thing to refer to some courses as "easy". In campus there are courses that are more complex than the other when you compare their contents and time of study.

Actually you can a handle to any of the difficulties courses provided you're hardworking and that you'll be committed to work on them while at the learning Institution.

Here are some of the hardest courses at the University.

Aeronautical Engineering

This couse deals with the maintainance , creation and discarding of aircrafts,and other systems that are associated with the aviation course.

Aeronautical Engineering are always Prepared by undergoing education programs which includes Aeronautical Engineering, Information Communication Technology, Mathematics and they should have knowledge in other Engineering fields like Electrical and Electronics Engineering without forgetting Mechanical Engineering.

Actuarial Science

Actuarial science in the application of Mathematics, Probabilistic, financial and statistical theories in solving business problems. In Actuarial science, students are required to have sufficient knowledge in Mathematics, probability, Finance and Statistics to solve reals business problems than only having theoritical and practical skills.

Architecture, Building and Construction

To get a degree in the building field or Construction, then you must have refined your mind more than anything else at the University. An Architect or a Building Engineer must be technically skilled and highly creative.

The student who choose this path, he or she will learn how to draw technically as well as know other designs. The course really need dedication and more time to achieve in the field.


Most of the people ans students think that Pharmacy is a very easy course in all medical courses. No it's not because it takes a student in Kenya about 6 to 8 years to become a pharmacist. The student will be required to deal with Pharmacist education within the first 4 years then the rest Clinical. To exel I this course, then you must be 100% dedicated to it. No skipping of lessons like anyother courses.

Telecommunication And Information Engineering

Telecommunication and information Engineering course is the most harded course you can ever study in Kenya. It demands patience and dedication since it takes a longer time for a student to complete. This couse really needs students who like books.

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