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Why Kuppet Secretary-General Wants Boarding Schools Abolished

Secretary General of Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers, Akole Misori, called the government to abolish boarding schools on a view the schools are not effective enough. His utterance has been met with different reactions by parents. Some are against the move while others support it. Below, I have analysed some of the reasons the SG gave to support his statement.

First, the Secretary General raised the issue of insecurity being experienced in these schools. According to him, it's caused by pressure to deliver by both students and teachers. This leads to a revolt from the students when they demand to be listened. This results to destruction of property and insecurity, which in return costs parents and the government a lot of money. He pointed that abolition of boarding schools would solve this issue permanently.

Secondly, teachers in boarding schools end up working long hours as compared to their colleagues in day schools. It is wrong for those teachers to stay long hours than usual yet the government doesn't provide them with allowances for that matter. By abolishing boarding schools, teachers will work under same conditions.

Finally, Abolition of these schools will see parents spent more time with their sons and daughters and contribute to their growth, which is not achieved in the current setup. As parents are primary teachers, it will give them an opportunity to observe their children's behavior on a daily basis.

In conclusion, it is a conversation that stakeholders and policy makers will engage in. If it provides solid solutions, then it can be tested and results measured.

On your side as a parent, do you think the move will have any solution whatsoever? And what are your thoughts on the whole thing?

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