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5 Reasons Why Campus Students May Get Into Immorality At School

We as youths are trained up well by our parents on how to live but when we are alone in school, at our hostels, we tend to forget all that we were tought and do all sorts of unpleasant activities one of them being s*xual immorality which is completely lust.

We need to understand our background very well and never forget about it because no one will remind you of it outside there. Never do something which will make you regret later in life. This is the reason as to why I came with a discussion on this topic where we try to understand as to why most youths engage in this act while in campus.

1) Poverty.

The students that comes from a humble background engage themselves in this act to have funds that will sustain them during the whole period of studying in school. This is completely a bad idea and option for there are better options of getting money. Look for better alternative to deal with your situation.

2) Negative influence.

In every new environment, we try to make new friends. If you choose our friends unwisely, they will lead you to s*xual immorality. Make an effort of knowing someone better first before befriending that same person.

3) Pornographic films.

This are bad or rather negative idea that we put into our minds on the same act and we try to do what we saw practically. This highly causes a*xual immorality among youths

4) Excessive use of alcohol.

Too much of alcohol makes you unconscious and what is done to you on this state, you are not aware of it because you are not yourself. If it is a must for one to take alcohol, take it to your house and drink it from there. And if you will take alcohol in public, manage yourself by not being influenced by your friends to take much of it.

5) Too much exposure.

Being by yourself away from home as a student, you are exposed all sorts of activities, be it positive or negative. You are free to try new things but make sure you are exposed positively for this will help you in life.

You as a student, take note of doing what took you to school and if you need to have a partner, make a good choice and have one partner for you to live comfortably in campus.

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