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MPS Reject (TPAD)Teacher Performance Appraisals Development.

The UNESCO SDG framework of action that was adopted on 3rd of November 2015 is very clear about the support for teachers through continuous capacity building, proper recruitment and proper payment .But, what Tsc is doing is not capacity building.

Many teachers believe that this is a business practice programme that is meant to regulate and renew the licenses of teachers. It is therefore not at all supporting the SDG framework. It is anything going against the SDG framework.

 The court ruling of the same matter between the TSC and KNEC in 2018 that was rendered by the court, stated that TSC is not a parliament to make laws and implement. Therefore there ought to be regulations development to specifically guide this programme so that it can :

- Give room for public participation. 

- Can determine who showed us the payment of the courses. 

- Which institutions and how to a credit those institutions and how diploma, bachelors and masters.

The programme goes against the rule of laws and the constitution of 2013 and the committee should put that rule down by stopping the TSC from progressing with the programme. 

Teachers are human beings like other employees and they should not be subjected to such stress. It is against labour practice to force employees to undertake refresher courses without proper structure. It's the duty of the employer to fund such programmes.

The choice of the four universities is suspicious. Some teachers have committed their salaries and they are left with nothing to spend on refresher courses. 

Again, no public participation was conducted and so the process has not followed due process. 

Many teachers are already suffering due to poor remuneration and talking away 6k from them is leaving them to depression. 

Mps vowed to stand with teachers on this matter. The matter will now be handled by Education Committee and brought to the house for debate.

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