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The Main Cause Of Unrest In Schools

Something that is really causing some concerns especially with the parents and Kenyans at large is what exactly is happening we have seen several schools being closed down because their students have burnt down the school dormitories and classes, what could be the cause of all this unrest?

There is a lot of unrest in our schools most of the schools that have been engaged in that unrest, the main cause is that the program is too much congested, there's a crash program and some of these students are not able to cope, but again taking into consideration that they don't have a long break this year is also causing jitters among the students, most of them just want to go home get a long break, and that is the message they are trying to send that they need a break and again these students are so much engaged in academic work.

Teachers are working round-the-clock to ensure that they cover the syllabus and now they're only and only on one side academics and would like to urge our Ministry of Education to look at this issue for the starting our co-curricula by bringing back for co-curriculum activities.

The activities that usually engage students and most of them are the students rely on them even for their future, this is where they build their talent and when they don't have these activities sometimes that is why they are bringing all these problems in our schools. 

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