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Meet the Owner of Multi-billion Worth Baraton University

The growth of universities and colleges in the world is impressive due to increased number of enrollment of students to higher learning. Private universities are currently very competitive due to its ease and transparency in management. Students takes the shortest time possible during their studies yet they cover similar syllabus with public institutions.

University of Eastern Africa Baraton University is one of the largest private University located in Nandi County. According to the institution history profile, it was founded in 1980 and it has since then grown to be a premium institution which is internationally recognised.

The institution has a total population of over 3000 students. They received a charter on 28 March, 1991 becoming the first private university to receive recognition from Commission for Higher Education.

This university was developed by the seventh-day Adventist Church which is current owner of the institution. The mission of this University of Eastern Africa Baraton has a mission providing quality education for the youth and training them on some Christian morals.

The university cost of establishment was billions and it has since 1980 grown to be a resourceful institution helping both the church and the community through scholarship programs among others.

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