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If you are a student in college or university avoid the following if you want to be successful

Behaviour is a product of learning hence students should regulate the nature of behaviour they can acquire while studying in various universities and colleges.

Most students changes their behaviour due to peer influence from their new friends.

If you want to be successful in life avoid engaging in the following activities in campus;-

1.Drug abuse 

This involves using drugs like bhang ,alcohols and cigarettes which have adverse side effects in your health like cancer and liver cirrhosis.

All students should try as much as possible to shy away from drugs since some are even costly and may lead them to deferring their semesters 


This applies mostly to ladies who sell their bodies to earn living , prostitution is dangerous since you can easily get infected with HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases which will ruin your life forever.

Ladies are advised to respect their bodies until the right time after school they can get married.

3.Illegal businesses

Engaging in illegal businesses like money laundering which is common in many universities will put your life at risk ,we have heard many cases of students killing themselves because of money deals.

All students are encouraged to be satisfied by what they have and focus on academics rather than creating money in a way that will put them in danger.

4.Examination cheating

Majority of institutions have set tough rules against exam irregularities in order to teach learners to be true and responsible citizens for instance in Kenyatta university if you are found guilty of cheating in exams you will be discontinued from studying in the university hence you will have ruined your academic life.

5.Inciting students

Among the aims of education is to create unity among diversity but if a student is found to be inciting students against one another or against the institutions he or she will be suspended for not less than 3 years.

Students are encouraged to be peaceful when they are at school and do the right thing at the right time.

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