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8 Marketable Engineering Diploma Courses to Pursue in Kenya

While in high school, students used to say that engineering courses are actually the best to pursue in life. Everyone had that dream but forgot to take subjects that would allow them to pursue these courses. Most of the students feared Physics and Mathematics because they were considered as the hardest subjects to take.

Bad luck to them because nowhere in this earth you can pursue an engineering course without passing well in Mathematics and Physics. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to take all the sciences i.e Physics, Chemistry and Biology. If your ambition is to be a professional engineer, you must work hard in these subjects. Working hard doesn't mean getting an A, atleast try to your very best to get a C(plain) and above.

There are many engineering courses to pursue in diploma level. You don't need to worry. All you need is to choose the one that fits you, and this requires total guidance from qualified personnel in this field. You can't wake up in a day and get a favourable course to pursue, you need time. There are many industries in the country that requires operators.

Not all engineering courses are marketable, others are time consuming and expensive. The following are 8 marketable engineering diploma courses to pursue in Kenya;

1. Aeronautical Engineering

2. Mechanical Engineering

3. Electrical Engineering

4. Civil Engineering

5. Construction Plant Engineering

6. Telecommunication Engineering

7. Instrumentation

8. Building Technology

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