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Alarming Salary Disparity Among ECD Teachers Across Counties Needs To Addressed

ECD teachers play a key role in shaping the young learners at their early developmental stages. In the new Education system that is competency based, they are mandated to run all the pre-schools within the republic.

When devolution came, Education was initially intended to be run by county gorvenments just like health however, teachers' unions resisted the move that saw only ECD being devolved leaving basic Education with the national gorvenment.

With the devolution of pre-primary education, every county developed its own Scheme of Service and career progression for ECD teachers. This led to a case where there are huge Salary disparities among teachers despite them having same qualifications and doing the same jobs.

Qualifications to be an ECD teacher in Kenya include:

* D+ and above in KCSE.

* Certificate/ diploma/ degree in ECD from a recognised institution.

* Certificate of computer proficiency.

* Certificate of good conduct.

* Registered by teachers service Commission

And now on salaries, a county like Turkana for example pays a diploma holder ECD teacher upwards of ksh 43000 per month. This is a far cry from what kenya's capital city Nairobi pays its ECD teachers. Nairobi with its high cost of living gives ECD teachers less than ksh 20000 per month. There are other counties that even pay teachers ksh 10000 per month, ksh 30000 less than what Turkana pays.

Hiring of this teachers in some County gorvenments is marred with nepotism, corruption and tribalism.

It is about time that TSC took over the function of managing this important resource since it has experience and is constitutionally mandated to register, hire, promote, remunerate and exercise disciplinary control over teachers.

Do you think counties have enough capacity to manage sbd run pre-primary Schools in Kenya? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.

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