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Important information to all students as schools will be finally reopened this date

Schools were closed for first term holiday on 2nd October 2021 for a period of one week and will be reopened tomorrow 11th of October 2021.

As students are preparing to go back to schools they are reminded of the following;-

1.They should arrange fees and other resources required in the school to avoid inconveniences once learning begins.

2.Covid19 is still there hence they should follow all covid19 containment measures buy cleaning their hands regularly,keeping social distance in classes and dining halls and always wearing facemasks properly to avoid being infected when they are at schools hence for those boarding schools they should carry at least ten washable facemasks as they go back to school.

3.Students are advised to be peaceful once they ho back to schools as they should not organise strikes that are usually witnessed in second term ,whenever their is an issue they should engage with the administration and ave in a diplomatic way.

4.All students are encouraged to shy away from drug abuse as they will be expelled from school once found doing so.

We wish all students well as they go back to school.

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