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Teachers Avoid Difficult Questions From Students By Using These Psychology Tricks

Although teachers have been trained to teach, they don't know everything. That is why many teachers go through their notes before teaching the next topic. Some students ask some questions that teachers don't know the answers at the moment, so they have to go and confirm the answers before answering the questions. Teachers have always used some tricks to escape these questions. Below are 2 ways teachers do to avoid hard questions.

1: Ask the question to the whole class

When students ask hard questions and the teacher is not sure about the answer, the teacher diverts the question to the whole class and asks who knows the answer. Teachers are always aware that one of the students might be knowing the answer. This is a psychology trick used by teachers to play with the student's mind in finding the answer.

2: Ask the student to do the question as an assignment

Here, teachers pretend that they know the answer. They act shocked that the students don't know the answer to the question. Teachers take the question and give the students to do as an assignment to be submitted in the next class. This way, teachers will get time to go and do their research about the question.

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