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Reasons Why TVET Colleges Are Better Than Universities

TVET colleges

1) TVET colleges offer many types of career focused courses which take very little time to complete like for example a few months, this makes one to be able to enter into the labor market at a very fast rate.

After finishing the courses one is equipped with the skills of entrepreneurship, hence most of the graduates would start their own enterprises and business.

2) TVET colleges requirement for joining, do not require one to have gone through the four academic years in high school training,

hence one can join even if they did not attend high school education hence it is flexible to all the people in the community.

3) TVET colleges courses are less expensive to learn hence one is able to afford, also the government offers to help in paying part of the school fees for the people who enroll in the TVET colleges, hence one only pays a small fee which is manageable.



1) Universities offer courses at a high amount, hence one needs to be financially stable or be fully prepared to look for well-wishers to aid in raising the fee.

2)  University courses take a long time to be completed hence, if one does not have a determined mind they might give up along the way.

3) Finally, most of the university courses offered require that you must have completed the four academic years training in high school.

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