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School Principal Suspended After Lowering A Learner Into A Pit Latrine For The Following

The Covid-19 pandemic has had far reaching implications on economies of nations following the closures to contain the spread of the Corona virus. All sectors were closed except for those offering essential services to allow people stay home. By limiting the number and movement of people in public,governments would tame the spread of the infection. The education sector was adversely affected following the interrupted teaching and learning in schools. The learning institutions were potential breeding zones for the virus because teachers closely interact with learners and their books routinely. It would have been catastrophic to allow learning to go on in the face of the pandemic because the rate of infection would have spiralled out of proportion.

Many absurd things have happened in schools after resumption of learning. The learners have displayed many forma of truancy and general misconduct. It is argued that the Corona break took a toll on children's morality with many of them engaging in indiscipline. Some learners in kenya have been reported to assault teachers causing serious harm. The rogue learners have also burned down schools causing huge loses. It is however unfortunate when teachers are the ones who do the unthinkable to learners. A principal of a primary school in South Africa has been suspended after allegedly lowering an 11-year-old pupil into a pit latrine. The principal had dropped his smartphone in the latrine and lowered the pupil to retrieve it leaving the child covered in faeces.

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