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7 Reasons Why Campus Students Suffer In Kenya.

1. Partying.

The aim and goal of a student is to study in campus. Well, at most scenarios, this is not the case because majority forget what they're upto in school. You will come across them on weekends spending huge amounts of money and on weekdays they have nothing to carter for their meals.

2. Laziness.

In this occasion, for example, a lecturer gives students an assignment that is supposed to be submitted in one week's time. But due to not putting some hardwork and do it on time, some end up not doing it. By the end, they don't even graduate, i.e, course requirements not met.

3. Robbery and Theft.

Despite the modern world termed as civilised, the act of stealing is of no exception. Majority of students are victims of robbery. Their houses are broken down by thieves who take away majorly the electronic gadgets like laptops, smartphones and woofers. Due to this, a number of them end up dropping out of school.

4. Murder Cases.

Relationships play a key role in the college's killings. In most cases, a boy in love after finding out his girlfriend is cheating on him, he decides to stubb her to death and vice versa. This hinders the culprits' education.

5. Harsh Weather Conditions.

Change in weather conditions might result in illness for some people. For example, a student coming from cold hilly terrains and learns at a hot environment finds it hard to cope with this change hence occasionally falling sick.

6. Allergies.

Nearly all students have different types of allergy but they never know and that is why you find some saying they experience heart burns after eating kales, beans or even 'chapatis'. Yet those are the meals which are mainly consumed by the students in campus. Thus majority loosing weight.

7. Depending on parent's or guardian's money.

As a university student, one should try to save money and come up with any form of business that helps him or her depend on himself/herself. This is because depending on parent's money it reaches a time one have nothing to help himself out with.

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