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Monday's Education News Making The Headlines

The following are the top stories on Education today. Varsity students face delays as lockdown disrupts exams, Mistaken notion that only those who score high grades in KCPE or KCSE tests will make it in life and TVET tutors ordered back to class to gain new skills in line with emerging trends in the industry.

1. Mistaken Notion That Only Those Who Score High Grades In KCPE or KCSE tests Will Make It In Life

We have commended the top performers in the 2020 KCPE results yet none of us has been enthusiastic enough to pinpoint the individuals who score poor grades, reasons they didn't post great outcomes, and if there's a possibility they could do very much given chance in a favourable environment. This is as per Antoney Luvinzu, who posted an article with The Standard. "Who will represent the 'losers'?" he inquires.

From this article, a few conceptualizing questions, for example, for what reason should we just consider KCPE scores to admit understudies to leading secondary schools and no other factor. 

Luvinzu contends we have given kids the feeling that they are washouts and champs on the record of KCPE or KCSE scores, yet with the changing world grades don't characterize one's fate. He further expresses that this mixed-up up impression that has squandered numerous talents from our children. 

The writer refers to the case of youngsters who appeared to be set out toward disillusionment when they were youthful and in school, maybe, exited school or picked sedates or discouraged mavericks or they just posted low grades however they bloomed into solid, cheerful grown-ups who added to society critically. Things being what they are, how could it occur?

All in all, he offers that we should give all kids significant assignments and obligation because through this they may become incredible ministers. 

"We need to encourage a development attitude in which we acclaim kids for their efforts more than their accomplishments, giving space for botches. Through this, they will uncover individual qualities and characteristics that may have in any case gone undetected." Luvinzu says in his article.

2. TVET Tutors Ordered Back To Class To gain New Skills In Line With Emerging Trends In The Industry 

Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) instructors should retrain so they can teach their understudies in the most ideal manner. 

They aim the fresh training and internship program for enhancing quality education in the colleges.

Findings have it that some qualified guides in the colleges come up short on the current gear in the Technical Training Institutions (TTIs) thus need to reskill them. 

Further, most mentors were not steady to adjust to new real factors during the change to Competency-Based Education and Training (CBET) and this has influenced their conferring of Knowledge to understudies.

As shown by TVET PS Magret Mwakima, the low limit of coaches and the low improvement of explicit norms frustrates the execution and take-up of CBET programs. 

“We have approved the curricula for building the capacity of trainers to train the CBET programs in the best way. We expect this to catalyze uptake of the programs,” said Mwakima.

She, as needs are, proposes expanded subsidizing to construct the limit of staff, enlist more staff and build up the norms.

3. Varsity Students Face Delays As Lockdown Disrupts Exams 

A few understudies in schools and colleges are gazing at an emergency following suspension of physical learning to control the spread of Covid-19.

Some University understudies are as yet battling to offer online assessments, while others have not had their projects certify by Commission for University Education (CUE). 

A few students in far off zones have likewise been not able to get to online exercises because of helpless web association. This has made thousands of understudies fall behind in their studies, while others have missed to graduate on schedule.

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