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14 Jobs up for grab in Kasneb

Kasneb is a professional exam body. It is the body which offers diverse skills like accounting, auditing, financial analysts etc. Exams offered by Kasneb are known to very rigorous and demanding. Due to this, Kasneb has always ensured that all the students graduating from its courses are well-groomed for the job. Kasneb has always been ensuring that the syllabus is up to date with the current world. It normally revises its syllabus frequently to identify what is supposed to be added and what is to be subtracted. Kasneb normally advertises calling on qualified people in skills on certain fields to come on board to advise on the changes to be made to the curriculum. The body has already advertised and is calling on people specialized in the following skills to apply for the job:-

1.) Financial and Management Accounting, auditing, taxation and related areas.

2.) Public financial management and related areas.

3.) Forensic Accounting.

4.) Finance, Investment and related areas.

5.) Governance and Ethics, corporate secretarial practice, public policy and administration and related areas.

6.) Management, communication skills and related areas.

7.) Entrepreneurship and related areas.

8.) Law and related areas.

9.) Economics and related areas.

10.) Data analytics, artificial intelligence and related emerging areas.

11.) Business mathematics and statistics, quantitative analysis and related areas.

12.) ICT and related areas.

13.) Credit management and related areas.

14.) Research and Innovation.

The additional information on how to apply is as shown below:-

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