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Opinion: Why Schools May Open As Earlier Planned

Since the beginning of the Covid 19, the most affected sector in every country especially Kenya, is the education sector.

Last year, the pandemic forced schools to be shut down for all most the whole academic year. This year, we have also seen a similar situation. Earlier last month, the president in order to curb the spread of COVID 19 had issued a directive on closure of all schools and institutions of higher learning till further notice.

According to the revised calenders for this year, children are supposed to report back to school on 10th of May next month. But there have been debate about this since the virus is still spreading at a high rate in the population.

Here are some of the reasons why schools may open on tenth as earlier planned after all.

1. Vaccination process

The government is working hard to ensure they vaccinate as many people as possible. Among the people given priority to get the vaccine are teachers. Since the opening of schools, some teachers have succumbed to the virus. Inorder to prevent these deaths, the government is working on vaccinating teachers and vulnerable children so as to enable them develop an immune response against the virus and lower the mortality and morbidity rate to zero.

2. Positive Cases going down.

The number of COVID 19 positive cases in the last 3 days have had a downward trend in terms of the positivity rate. Hopefully within the next two weeks, the country will be able to flatten the curve of the virus and at least contain the spread of the virus. This has been a major boost ahead of schools reopening. Come tenth of May, the students may have hopes of returning to school and not waste another academic year at home.

3. The government has not made any notice on school reopening.

Since the government has not made any notice on whether schools will reopen or will continue to be closed, this means that the initial plan to open 10th has not been tempered with. Therefore the plan is on course and schools will likely open in the next two weeks.

Therefore as a parent in order to avoid being caught off guard, ensure you prepared your child and at least have the school fees so that you do not have financial problems as children report back to school.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions regarding the opening of schools and whether it's safe, in the comments section below. Don't forget to like, share and follow.

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