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School Calendar Unfair, Hurting Parents, Teachers and Learners

The current school calendar for primary and secondary is excruciating for parents, teachers and learners.

With the learners expected to close schools this week for a week's break, this is too much for parents and guardians to endure since they are expected to pay school fees again for the fourth time this year by October 10, when students resume school.

Parents are used to paying school fees three times a year, and given that this year they have to pay four times in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, it means they have to overwork to maintain their children in school.

The Ministry of Education needs to give parents more time to prepare themselves since rushing the school calendar is un fair to parents and learners.

Learning for four terms within a year is also risking the children's ability to grasp and understand what they are taught.

Teachers are in an almost impossible position since they are also expected to cover the whole syllabus in less than a year and at the same time ensure learners understand everything.

Much as the rushed school calendar may seem the best way to recover the time that was lost last year when all schools were closed due to Covid-19, its consequences will be dire.

The calendar is literally denying learners time to master and understand the content they are being taught and yet the same learners are expected to sit final examinations twice next year.

The pressure being caused by this new school calendar is too much and unnecessary It is high time the govern ment came up with a way to give room for all the three parties to take a break in order to allow them to prepare well and effectively for the syllabus.

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