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Wajackoyah Makes Surprise Appearance at The Catholic University of Eastern Africa

Wajackoyah has raised eyebrows on different social media platforms. This is after he finally arrived at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa ready for Debate.

According to the source, Wajackoyah arrived with his team where by he said that he is ready for Debate if only, all candidates are going to attend.

Remember, Wajackoyah arrived at today's Debate, days after saying that he will not going to attend.

Now this news concerning Wajakoya arriving at the Debate despite of him saying that he is not going to attend, has gone viral online where by, it's sparking mixed reactions currently.

Many are out to praise Wajackoyah for arriving while, others are out saying how they are ready for today's Debate at the same time.

Anyway, what do you have to say about Wajackoyah's surprise arrival? Share your thoughts as you share this news to your friends.

Below are some of the reactions from Kenyans:

@kioko: i thought Wajackoyah was not going to attend today's Debate!

@bena: finally my president has arrived!

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