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Why Life In The Universities Is Full Of Challenges To Majority Of The Students

The life in the university is full of challenges to many universities students because students have full freedom and learning is students based making some learners to merely attend the lectures thus facing challenges during examination leading to delayed graduation.

Universities does not provide meals for their learners making those that are facing financial crisis to have difficulties forcing some to boycott classes to go hustle in order to meet their basic needs.Besides majority of the Universities does not allow cooking in institutions hostels.

The hostels are based on first come first serve basis therefore students who did not book in time or has finance crisis are forced to look for rental houses that are payable monthly which stress them up and have rough times with the landlord.Besides some also incur transport cost inorder to commute to and from school.

The amount awarded by the higher education loan board is not enough to cater for upkeep and fees at the same time thus making them to miss end semester examination if parents do not top up hence prolonging year of completion.

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