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School Performs Exemplary in KCPE Despite Covid-19 Hit

In the hilly parts of Mbooni in Makueni county stands St. Brigid Academy.

The mood at the school compound is cheerful right from the gate. We are given a warm welcome by the gateman who ushers us in, records all our details, including our temperatures, and shows us the handwashing point.

The Covid-19 rules here are followed to the latter in the fight against the virus that has affected the country for over one year now.

The KCPE exams' release is the talk around with all staff, including the director facial expressions telling a big celebration for the school.

We are ushered into the director's office Agnes Muendo who kicks the talk with how Covid-19 has affected the learning sector in the country.

She expresses huge confidence that if it was not for Covid, her pupils could have performed remarkably better, but again she is satisfied with the current results.

"Despite them doing well, we had a big challenge because of the Covid-19 outbreak. After spending 10 months at home, when the pupils reported back, we had a big challenge because they had already forgotten so many things they had earlier covered," She noted.

Agnes lauded her teachers for sacrificing their time to make sure that the pupils get back to learning.

She also noted that the pupils were corporative and ready to settle down quickly even after spending 10 months at home, despite having a challenge in putting on a mask the whole day.

"We had a challenge of pupils wearing a facemask the whole day and keeping social distance, and the pupils used to put on their mask until some times they got tired and asked for permission from their teachers to breath. We used to give them a small break. They get out to breathe some fresh air and get back to class," Agnes added.

St.Brigid recorded exemplary results, with the leading candidate scoring 406 marks and the last scoring 343 marks.

According to Agnes, her pupils recorded the highest mean, scoring 381.24, up from last year's 377.

Richard Mutua, the school headteacher, recognizes that it's God's doing to the excellent performance bearing the challenges the pupils went through doing the preparation period.

Mutua admits that after the 10 months break, the pupils reported back to school totally green, lauding their discipline and teamwork towards the great performance.

"They came back green. I want to thank God, their discipline and teamwork that they had in that short time made our pupils perform better than even last year," Mutua says.

Mutua lauds his teachers for putting more efforts to brings out the best in the pupils despite the short time they had to prepare for the exams.

He notes that the pupils were afraid of infecting with Covid-19 when they reported back to school, but as a school, they adhered to all the ministry of education guidelines to protect the learners and also their staff.

Content created and supplied by: StanleyKiwia (via Opera News )

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