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A Female Examiner Caught on CCTV Stealing Underwear at Alliance Girls High School.

After being captured on surveillance footage at Alliance Girls High School reportedly stealing clothing, a KCSE examiner is the subject of a probe.

In a video that went public on Thursday, the female examiner, a Kiswahili instructor, is shown selecting clothing from a dangling line that includes shirts, face cloths, and undergarments.

She carries some clothing on her shoulder and moves toward a drying line before turning to glance around and selecting the items.

Before turning the examiner over to the cops, the school's management told a local media outlet that they had handled the situation.

The security staff at the testing facility "treated the case as a criminal matter and provided the proper attention," it stated.

The teacher was required to submit a formal statement regarding the accused larceny after being confronted.

The Star was informed by sources that her coworkers were able to recognize their clothing when it was taken from the drying racks.

The incident was also reported by Alliance Girl's security staff to Kiambu Police, who opened an investigation.

A cop was detained in Bomet County a month prior to the current event on suspicion of stealing from invigilators .

During the KCSE test period, this occurred at Kimulot High School in the Konoin constituency.

The invigilators, who claimed they had lost money, saw the officer raiding their bags on CCTV.

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