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Hope To Comrades After HELB Loan Board Announced The Following

Over the recent past there has been a public disadvantage countrywide to university and college students who are yet to be credited their higher education loans. Most HELB loan beneficiaries solely depend on the loans for:facilitation of their learning and upkeep in the various institutions.

Disbursement of loans delay has jeopardized learning programs in several universities. Where despite the kickoff of a new semester, most students or comrades have not gone back to their institutions for their studies. Higher Education Loan Board, national department can entirely be blamed for this.

Major reasons why this students have not reported to school are; difficulties in where to get the school fees, and also uncertainties in where to get accommodation and meals. Therefore there available solution is to stick at their homes eagerly waiting for HELB loan to reflect in their accounts.

The disbursement delays of the HELB loans can be attributed to the fact that there was an unnecessary disbursement of loans during the national lockdown period. During this period most students were at home and there was actually no learning going on in the universities. Due to well known reasons such as lack of enough equipments such as data connectivity and unpreparedness after the unpredictable occurrence of events during the beginning of Covid 19. Many students used this loans for other purposes rather than catering for their school tuition and thus the imbalance being witnessed now .

HELB loan board, checking with their social media handles, for the subsequent loanees expect your HELB loan to reflect at any time beginning from now. Though they have not yet specified the exact day in which one expect the loans in their accounts, they have just noted that one should check their loan status frequently in order to not miss out when the loans reflect.

During the better part of this week HELB tweeted 'For HELB Loanees, ensure you stay up to date by checking your Loan Status or Statement on the HELB Portal, . You can also download your Compliance Certificate free of charge from the HELB Portal.. #TuendeleeKulipahelb."

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Content created and supplied by: VincentBlameless (via Opera News )

HELB Higher Education Loan Board


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