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Why the CBC Will be a Transformative System

Change is one of the most resisted things in life and to resist change is to become obsolete.The competency based curriculum popularly known as CBC is an education model that is set to replace the current 8-4-4 system.The CBC has faced a lot of resistance but this will a system that will have great impact on the learners.Under CBC, learners will spend two years in pre-primary,six years in primary that is Grade 1-6,three years in junior secondary that is Grade 7-9,three years in senior secondary that is Grade 10-12 and finally three years in university.In short it is 2-6-3-3.

First,the system calls for collaboration with all the stakeholders that is teachers, parents,learners and government to ensure that it's implementation will be successful.

Second,the CBC will be very important because it is an education system that puts emphasis on a learner's unique talents and abilities rather than focusing wholly on academics and exam performances.The current system,8-4-4 is mainly focused on the academic and exam performance of the learners and theory-oriented thus putting a lot of pressure to the learners to study hard inorder to pass exams.This means that learners ends up with a lot unnecessary knowledge and with no skills.

The CBC will ensure that learners can utilize their full potentials, abilities and talents in a particular field thus making learning interesting and lively.

The CBC also will ensure that learners will start to be creative and their imagination will be high as they will be able to come up with new ideas.Other skills that learners will get from the CBC is critical thinking and problem-solving which are very crucial skills in the recent world of technological innovations.

The other thing is about the digital literacy which the CBC will concentrate on.The world is changing and now we have got the iPads, tablets, internet,cell phone, laptops, social media.Learners must learn to use this tools in doing research and learning the new developments in the world.

The other advantage of the CBC is that it is learner-centered meaning it will be different from the other curriculums which are teacher-centered.By learner-centered it means that learners will be more active in the learning process.

The system calls for a lot of parent's involvement as they will be required to provide aids and materials for practical activities.

The CBC will solve major problems that those who have undergone the 8-4-4 system faced for instance high levels of exam cheating.

Remember change is always the introduction of the future to the present.

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