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The Relationship Between Teachers Union And Their Employer

Any organization that that fulfills it's goals then it is considered competent and powerful. Is Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers -Kuppet, in the current scenario considered as competent and powerful? Kuppet has two known tools at it's disposal that can make it look strong and powerful; 1.Collective Bargaining 2.Strike.

Can Kuppet employ this tools successfully in it's current relationship with TSC? If not then why? In his Power-Dependence Theory in 1962, one Emerson states that the more a person values resources controlled by another, the more dependent that person is and the less power he/she has in the relationship. We can see from this theory that dependency is directly related to power .The more that a person is dependent on you, the more power you have.

The three foundational questions to be asked here are ; a) What's Power? b) Is it the ability to influence the behaviour of others to get what you want? c) In our relationship with TSC ,who has power?

Some two scholars; Gerald& Jeffrey, defined Power as the ability to get things done the way one wants them to be done. It's for this reason that the English man and Historian John Enrich Edward warned about excess power in an individual or unit, that Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This therefore warns that power is inherently evil and it's holders are not to be trusted.

History has shown that power can be intoxicating and can be devastating too when abused. Haha! then why is power easily abused? It is because individuals are often quick to conform .Research has shown that people/individuals conform even when they know that what they are doing is inaccurate or unethical because dependency is increased when you possess something that is considered;

1.Scarce 2.Important 3.nonsubstitutable by others.

It is my humble opinion that the Kuppet power slogan is misplaced and does not make sense. Absolute power is being exercised by Teachers Service Commission to Kuppet and National Elections Board to Executive Secretaries.

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