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Setbacks Loom As Teachers Now Strongly Oppose Training Costs & Other Expenses For TPD

The teachers unions have been under intent pressure since they signed a non monetary CBA with TSC.They agreed to commence a new CBA negotiations within one year.Unfortunately,teachers will never get any new pay until 2025 when this new CBA will elapse.

The teachers have been up in arms since TSC rolled out the new TPD trainings that are soon starting.Majority have been caught unaware with the costs of the trainings.Teachers will have to part with thousands of shillings yearly in order to see them get a chance of their certificates being renewed after every five years.More shocking to them is the fact that they will be required to technically be sacked once they fail the modules' examinations.

Even before the teachers begin registering,the teachers have already signalled setbacks through the unions in the trainings.Kuppet Migori branch has written to the Kuppet Secretary General Akelo Misori that the teachers from the County have opposed the expenses bestowed on them by TSC.They have listed raft of issues as below.

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