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Benefits of CBC to the learners

CBC is current curriculum that kenya schools has adopted. CBC is good to our learners since it has alot of benefits to our learners. It has the following benefits to our learners.

1.It increases decision making among learners

CBC aims at letting the learn to have flexibility in exploring content at all angles while teachers have been granted the freedom to carry through the curriculum when classes are on.

2. It is a Learner-Focused System

CBC education system majors focus on the learner as an individual rather than the school performance. As a result, the teachers can familiarize themselves with the student’s demands regarding strength and weakness. Leaners hence create a good relationship with teachers who help them shape their talents and careers.

3. It Balance Education System

The education system provides a distinctive assessment with many areas of the learner’s development in classwork and co-curricular activities. According to CBC, the learner’s ability is tested all-round.

4. Focus on Competencies of learners

CBC’s central focus is around learners discovering their potentials in life. It creates a platform where the learner can positively relate to acquiring knowledge and skills to connect with various disciplines as they advance to their heights.

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CBC It Balance Education System


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