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Reasons for Suicide Among Varsity Students

A mixture of depression, failed examination, misplaced priorities and lack of parental support always leave most students with the idea of commiting suicide.

Some may be unable to appear in the school's graduation list. This may be due to a wasted opportunity in campus by having a lot of fun at the expense of education.

Some may be depressed due to the magnitude of work the course offers added to the pressure from home. Some may not see the future in their studies yet their parents demand for exemplary results. They may opt to commit suicide.

In the true belief of having fun and enjoying their youth, students may get pregnant unexpectedly, contract HIV, or any other STI. Out of options to clear of their head from the tension, they may opt to commit suicide.

Some may take their lives after a failed relationship. In this scenario, the victim may have had high hopes in the now failed relationship.

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