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Lecturer Caught Forcing a Second Year Student to Bed, Slept With Her Without Her Will- Girl Narrates

A university lecturer defied the university’s anti-sexual harassment policy, manipulated her into a relationship with him, after forcing himself on her on several occasions.

For the time he exploited her, Soma says on most occasions, he didn’t use protection.

“These are private parts, private parts, private parts. And no one should touch them. No one should play with them.”

This is a part of a nursery song that Soma* uses to teach Mombasa girls aged nine to 12 years against sexual exploitation by either a man or a woman.

According to media reports, the alleged lecturer said to have booked the room in the morning and later returned with the alleged student, who was still in her school uniform, telling him that she could assist him to use WI-FI in browsing information in internet.

They had just finished the evening lesson, running from 5pm through 8.30pm. She was in her first semester of the second year, studying a degree in commerce. She honored his call for the sheer reason of respecting his authority.

He asked her to get into his car. It was time to make his intentions clear.

“He said I like you a lot and I want to have an intimate relationship with you. I declined,” she says.

As per the plans, the girl went to Lecturer's room in the company of her friend. They stayed for some time and since he wanted to use the Wi-Fi and did not know the password, he went to ask Mr. Soma's who was then in his bed.

Lecturer in response kissed the girl until she made her sleep with him in his bed against her will. She is claimed to be the one who undressed the girl before victimizing her.

For the time he exploited her, Soma says on most occasions, he didn’t use protection, and she couldn’t protest since he “owned” her.

“I was in dire need of the money,” says Soma whose father hawked boiled eggs in North Coast to raise his six children, her being the last born.

“I could tell the struggle my dad went through to pay my fees. Occasionally I wished I never asked him for fare—he was already struggling to raise my fees, but he always reminded me that he would do his best to educate me,” she lights up speaking about her father.

“What he gave me for my day-to-day needs was too little. I badly needed the lecturer's money to cater for my upkeep and commuter costs.” she says.

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