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Tycoon Father Employs Son As A Security Guard Stuns Many


When a father is a tycoon, people expect the sons to eat life from a silver plate. The children are expected to extravagantly live from the toil of their rich parents. Another expectation is that the children should get top managerial positions in their parents’ firms without breaking a sweat.

There are some people who don’t subscribe to such philosophies and believe that their children should equally toil as hard has them as they climb up the ranks. An identified tycoon has been trending on social media for his actions towards his son.


The security tycoon has been on the spotlight for employing his son as a security guard in his big security firm. The son takes the job as a part time job because he is currently in the university perusing higher studies.

Certain ladies were engaged in a random discussion about the tycoon acts and their opinion seemed to be in conflict with the tycoon’s action. Their opinion was that the tycoon’s action is torture to the son and that the son should be allowed to enjoy his father’s money without having to go through what he went through.


Others said that the father should have at least given the son a descent position in the organization instead of employing him at the bottom of the chain jobs in the firm.

Pro supports of the tycoon praised his action saying that the son will gain skills and will have an opportunity to appreciate how money his earned. In the future, the son will be at a better position to take over the management of the firm.

Do you think the tycoon did the right think? Share your thoughts in the comments sections down below.

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