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Latest Demands By KUPPET That Could Affect Parents & Learners From This Schools

The political temperatures are rising across the country and panic among political leaders is evident. With 2022 general elections approaching most leaders are regrouping to make sure that 2022 is there year. The race from presidential candidates to Members of County assembly's is intensifying.

The churches have dealt political leaders a major blow after stopping them from using places of worship as there place of politicking. On the the other side Union of teachers KUPPET has called on the government to Start facing out boarding schools.

According to KUPPET teachers working under boarding schools have alot of work load compared to day scholars. KUPPET said that TSC has done nothing on the teaches doing double work In boarding schools. If KUPPET wins parents will be on the receiving end and they might be forced to stay with kids. Most parents prefer seeing there children in schools but wiy this demands they may soon have there kids to date of.

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