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Former Form Four Students Should Select University Not Far From Home (Opinion)

All 2020 KCSE candidates who managed to attain the a grade of C+ and above that made them to qualify for direct entry into University of their chioce are currently eager to join campus. Parents are currently searching for the right course that there children can persue.

Talking from experience, I would like to offer an assistance to these my beloved sisters and brothers. Currently, am a third year student at the University of Eldoret taking bachelor of education science Maths chemistry as a combination. My advice to all 2020 KCSE candidates is that while choosing the University try and chose an institution that is closer to your home.

Life at higher institution of learning is always not that simple. Despite the loan that government usually offer to students who attained a minimum grade of C+, this money is not usually enough. The minimum amount is usually 16000 per semester. So suppose you are residing outside the school and you are living in a single room alone, which usually costs 3000, you will have to pay 12000 per semester. The remaining 4,000 won't be enough for you to survive throughout the semester since as a comrade you have your own needs.

Choosing a university closer to home will reduce all these expenses and you will be able to use your HELB loan to open up a good business activity. However, if your parents are more supportive enough then you are allowed to go to any university of your choice but if you are coming from a humble background, then choose wisely.

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