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Only Form Three And Class 7 Students Should Be Allowed To Open On May [Opinion]

Corona virus pandemic has brought a lot of challenges in Kenya as a country with the most affected sector being education. The county's academic calendar has really changed. All schools in the country were officially closed on 15th March 2020 when the country reported its first case of covid-19.

Students stayed home for almost one year, wasting the whole of term 2 and 3. Comes January 4th this year, all schools in the country were officially opened. Unfortunately, we have again been hit by the third wave of this deadly virus and learning activities have been brought to a standstill again.

Therefore in my own opinion, I suggest that it will be necessary if the government only allows candidates, that is the current class 7 and form 3 students to go back to school as the rest waits until when the curve would have completely flattened. Let's not rush to open schools when we don't take care of the lives of these innocent students. Corona is real and it kills.

The issue of social distancing is a challenge in almost all schools in Kenya. This clearly shows that all students can't be accommodated in school at the same time and health protocols be observed.

Drop your opinion. Do you think it is the right time all students should be allowed to go back to school?

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