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TSC Conglatulates Teachers For Their Role In Administration Of Ongoing National Exams

The teachers employer main role role is to employ and also to deal with their welfare. But since the examination exercise started last month, it has been working together closely with ministry of education in the monitoring exams all over the country led by Dr. Nancy Macharia.

Today the employer toured in most schools in central region and being the second week of a one month exercise it has send a message to congratulate it's employees for a job well done for those administering exams either as center managers, supervisors or invigilators. These administrators have been working so hard to ensure that the exercise goes on smoothly despite the few challenges it's facing.

In the message, it asked it's employees to continue upholding high standards of integrity. This means that it accepts the work done by the teachers. From this message, the teachers reacted differently. Different teachers reacted differently with others saying that KNEC should also do their work instead of paying teachers little as they risk their work.

The teachers therefore should take the exercise positively to ensure that it also ends well as their employer appreciates their efforts.

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