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CBC: Kenya to Develop New CBC Plans in order to Escape Difficulties experienced by other Countries

The competence based curriculum has not yielded results in other countries. Kenya has a big test in checking whether they will succeed or fail like the other countries.

Countries in Africa, especially the Sub-Sahara region have tried it before but have not succeeded. Most education bodies in Africa neglected the advice of Professor Terry Hyland that European governments are only exporting academic failures to them.

Many countries have tried to copy the Finland's way of education, which has proven to be one of the world's most admirable systems of education.

Currently, no African country has had good results in learning activities because of trying to change their education systems.

An example is Tanzania, which introduced the CBC in 2005. Though it has not been called off, teachers no longer use the system. They have gone back to the old systems of teaching.

Kenya and other countries should watch closely as they change their education systems. Poor decisions will make them go back to their old curriculums which will mean a complete wastage of time.

They need to develop new plans and seek advice from successful countries so as to avoid wastage of resources and time.

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