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Parents Suffer A Blow Following This Emerging News From The Ministry Of Education

Parents have now suffered a huge blow following this emerging news from the ministry of education. This message comes when the ministry of education directed all the schools to be closed at the mid of July 2021. The ministry of education is now working hard to ensure that the learning in various learning Institutions is going on well as scheduled by the education stakeholders and ensure that all the learning Institutions are adhering to the set academic calendar. Also all the secondary schools in different parts of this country are going to have a high enrollment number the students in the form one class, this is because of the 100% transition which is going to take place in order to allow the ministry of education to roll-out the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).

However parents have now suffered a big blow following this emerging news from the ministry of education. Actually parents were directed by the ministry of education to clear the school fees, something which most of the parents did, but the whole academic year has just taken seven months. Also the 2021 academic year will begin on 26th July 2021 after students staying at for just a week, the ministry of education is aiming to compensate the lost 2020 academic year. Parents are going are now forced to pay the school fees for the another academic year, this has given parents sleepless nights. The parents across this country have been going through hard times because of the Covid 19 Pandemic which affected the economy of this country. Therefore this has become painful to the parents to pay the school fees for the two academic years within one year.

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