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Teachers Are Core in Determining Students Behaviors, Directly And Indirectly

Teachers are core in determining students behaviors, directly and indirectly. Currently, the teachers have been left out of the equation; financially, politically, socially and emotionally.

The teachers have also started thinking for themselves. The employer no longer listening to teachers, any issue affecting them whether financially, politically, socially nor emotionally.

TSC will rather kill a teacher than help him or her to cope up. Therefore, teachers no longer straggle to motivate students to adjust, adopt and advance in life, rather they just teach and go home, even if they reside within the school compound.

The issue of students unrest is just but an involuntary response to injustice teachers are undergoing from the TSC, unions and the Government agencies at large. This calls for a honest dialogue without any big man's victimization, that will never help the society,if societal virtues are something to imagine and value.

The employer is looting from employees in the name of medical cover, using her CoRT and CoCT to frustrate teachers, luring unions with illegal deductions on teachers payslips to sign penniless cba, forcing illegal TPD to teachers. This TPD thing has seriously demoralized teachers.

It is the responsibility of the employer to upgrade Employees skills and knowledge for productivity! Which kind of training that needs 30 years!

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