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Secondary Education


'Drama as Students Beat Up a Teacher On His Way Home Leaving Him Injured

Drama ensued at Maraba secondary school in Aldai, Nandi County after students attacked a teacher, leaving his nursing serious injuries.

Teachers from the school have explained that the injured teacher has been working diligently but as he was heading home, students who had ganged against him invaded, beat him using a brunt object, leaving him injured.

The teachers at the school are now demanding justice for their colleague. They also revealed that this is not the first incident where a teacher is being beaten by the students.

The teachers while protesting the incident demonstrated up to education offices in Aldai while complaining over lack of security while at their work places. The teachers protested over the hostility from the students.

The teachers who were led by Kuppet officials want strict action taken against the students who were involved in the incident and ensure discipline is restored in the school.

"We have arrived here in Nandi South seeking justice for a our fellow teacher who was attacked by a group of students and injured. The teacher was doing his work as usual but on his way home, the students attacked him using a brunt object, leaving him injured." - One teacher from Maraba secondary school stated.

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