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Meet A Young Man Who Has Repeated One Class 15 Times

There is a guy by the name Joseph I watched on YouTube. This guy is said to have repeated class one for 15 years now. He has problem of forgetting things easily. Regardless of not able to proceed to the next class, he is still has a passion in learning. He has never stopped going to school. He proposed that if he succeed in school life he will one day become the president of his country which was not mentioned.

His mother said that her son Joseph is a discipline man. She continued to say that whenever Joseph is send to the shop to buy something like sugar, he always forget on the way and in return he will eventually come back with rice which he was not sent to bring.

Joseph teacher said that she was together with Joseph in class one in the year 2006. The teacher has completed her studies and she is now a teacher in Joseph's school. Many of Joseph agemates have graduated.

It is said that Joseph has psychological disorder yet to be found. He is also a dwarf man. His dwarfness has made many of the children to make fun of him.

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