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College Education


What You Need To Know About Campus

Well, you have worked hard for to attain good marks and you have qualified to join university. However, regardless of how much marks you scooped, your good grades are just meant to place you in the right educational course. Having a train ticket and actually riding in one to the final destination are vey different things. Campus life is not just another cup of tell you would sip on a comfy palace. There are many activities which go on in higher institutions which you ought to know before joining one in Kenya.

1 Everyone wants to be in a relationship😍

You may have came across many memes portraying the image that living a single life is way too important than being in a relationship. Sarcastically, the creators of those memes may be in some serious relationships. Many people will approach you proposing that you be their dates. It's all upon yourself to decide on what to do in such situations but always follow your conscience in making some decisions.

2 Everyone is broke but they somehow have money for alcohol

It's very easy to spot drunk students especially on the weekends. Some comrades would just spent every remaining cent to buy alcohol. You should take care of yourself to avoid becoming a member of a drinking crew as it's dangerous for your health.

3 Every hustle is worth engaging in

Money solves many problems in this world. You may find some odd jobs majorly involving casual labor being exercised by campus students. Whenever you get such an opportunity, provided that its a legal job and it fits your schedule, go for it!

4 Trust is a dangerous game

He/she might be the friendliest person you have ever met in campus but, he/she might just be waiting for the right opportunity to sweep your room. Check well who you associate with as some people may just play friendly to fool you and benefit from you.

5 There's no favor comes for free

You should learn to own your life and manage your funds however little they might be. Some students, especially girls, fall for tricks of other male students offering the sweet favors. Trust me, one day that good guy will demand a return for that 'free favor' and mostly, these kind of guys will ask for sexual favors in return. Learn to do things by yourself without always depending on others.

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