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Secret of Getting Students Visas to USA

Many Africans students who wish to go and study abroad usually experience uphill task as majority of them are denied mandatory travel such as visa, this happens because most of them give false and inappropriate information. According to statistics, only thirty percent of Africans get visa approvals to study in North America. That paints a very gloomy picture for any aspiring international student student.

Unfortunately many Africans intention in seeking a student visa is really not to go to school, but to just land in US and look for work. The embassy officials however knows this trick, this is because it has all the data showing that most of Africans rarely go back.

Most Africans get into the embassy door for visa interview with little knowledge of what they are going to study. Insufficient knowledge is a free ticket for one to be denied visa. One should articulate very well, reasons for deciding to go abroad and study a particular program. One is also advised to apply various institutions.

Applying for a program which is totally different from what one previously did, is also a recipe for denial. Furthermore, the US governments values graduates more, Africans students are therefore advised to go for masters programs. Postgraduate programs are the most convenient this is because students are provided with loans to aid in financing their studies overseas.

The students also should be able to finance themselves. Majority of them however have a tendency of just looking for a bank statement from anywhere and then claims that their uncle, aunty are supporting them. In reality there is no relative who is willing to pay as much money as five million for studies other than real parents.

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