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Restore Back To The Previous Curriculum Of 8-4-4 System, Sossion Tells Ministry Of Education

As the stockholders of Education trys to catch up from the lost days due to covid-19 pandemic, the new curriculum; Compitence Based Curriculum (BBC) is on question after former secretary general of KNUT speaks his mind today.

"The CBC Education curriculum should be rubbished and destructed fully ,it has failed the real dreams of Education as foundation of knowledge and key to success , its more horrendous that the CBC don't meet what is expected by parents - even grade four pupils are still thought how to sweep and cleaning ! Its so petty indeed ; restore back the previous curriculum of the 8:4:4 System!" Wilson Sossion said.

CBC is a unique curriculum in which it has create some mixed reactions whereby some collaborate it while others reject it.

From those who reject like Wilson Sossion, they claim that it is a format which doesn't meet the expected demand from the parents and society in general.

It would have been worthwhile if the ministry if the ministry of education could have involved all the stakeholders of education such as parents, so that the can decide if they will accept the curriculum to be implemented or not.

More so involving Parents in the decision of implementation of the curriculum will make them propose new ideas on how to handle education systems in favor of their needs.

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