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1-Most Undermined Technical Course Yet Profitable To Your Daughter

Tailoring and dress making

How is it undermined? The society we live looks at it as course for failures.But,in the real sense,it can be undertaken by people from different education levels like class 8,form 4 or a university caliber. The good thing is that it does not take long duration in school and also the fee is low.

How is it beneficial? Since,everyone in the country or the world has to wear clothes,the demand is always higher than the supply.Therefore, assuming that your daughter decides to go for employment, she can get jobs in textile companies or in Export processing zones(EPZ) in Kenya and get a salary of about 10,000-25,000ksh.

However,if she goes for self employment she can make more than that.How?The cheapest stitched cloth of a child under 5years in the current market retails at Ksh500.Assuming that per day she makes and sells to 4clients ,that makes a total of 2000ksh.In a month,you are assured of Ksh60,000.Thus,never underrate any course what matters is skills and what its going to bring on the table after all.

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