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Opinion: TSC Should Award This Principal After Doing This In His School

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A principal from a performing school gave his story that makes me think he should be recognised by the Techers Service commission. Please read his story below.

2004. Yes 2004. This was the year when I first became a head. I was just a mid aged man in my late thirties. I was a man with ambition. I was so happy to finally be a principal after seven years of deputising others.

I did not know much about what being a principal meant. At first, I thought headship was all about financial management, human resource micro-management and giving tenders to family and friends.

Fast forward. Ten years later, in January 2014. I was moved from my first school as a head to a different school. At first I was happy with the transfer. I had left a school getting 6.7 but now I was moved to a school that had previously gotten 5.1 in 2013 KCSE.

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This year my growth projection is at 8.196402537. They can watch us, block us, mock us, join us but nobody can stop us. No matter what we see, no matter what we face, our tomorrow must be better than today. We must be successful, there is no other option. 

Bwana Principal, Madam Principal, I know the pain of getting 2.5 in your school, I know the pain of running a school without numbers, I know the pain of absorbing the residues in form one. I know. I know the pain. If you can't see a miracle create it. Shake this country Sir.

You've been dishonoured and forgotten for a long time. See the invisible, believe the incredible, achieve the impossible. Start from where you are, use what you have, do what you can. It is possible.

Change the game, wake the crowd, claim the gold. Stay low-key, act like you can't afford bread until they actually realize that you own a bakery. Remember, no cross, no crown. No risk, no reward. No pain, no gain. No scars, no stars. 

Just because you're still in D3 yet you're 50 doesn't you can't make it to D5 before you get to 60. If you can't be a forest be a bush, if you can't be a highway be a trail, if you can't be the sun be a star. If you can crawl you can walk, if you can walk you can run and if you can run you can fly. Keep moving.

The pain will end, the tears will drop, the guilt will stop, the doors will open, the success will come, the would will be healed. 

Remember, David needed one stone to silence Goliath, Hanna needed one baby to silence Peninah, you just need to launch The Board of Advisors in your school and within no time you'll prove all your doubters wrong.

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