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How to Earn Money while still in School.

1. Start a YouTube channel.

You need to create your channel and create and upload video contents. Make sure you create videos that are interesting and that can attract alot of viewership.

The moment your videos get over 4,000 watch time hours, over 1,000 subscribers and the channel is 12 months old, apply for monetization from AdSense, you will be needed to link your account to the advertising service.

You can also use your channel to sell your own merchandise and to sponsor products.

If your videos are good then you can easily make more than 30000 per month.

2. Writing jobs.

Writing is a very good way of earning that extra income. You can choose on whether you'll settle on writing articles or on academic writing.

All you need is good proficiency in English and great typing skills. Just make sure you do alot of research.

You can find jobs by signing up to sites such as Upwork, Elance, Fivver, Zerys, and WriterBay among others.You can also choose to work directly with your clients. There are students who want academic writers to write proposals and projects for them.

Rates depend with the site you use. The rates can be anywhere from $5 per page.You mostly get paid via online platforms and so far Upwork is the only site that uses MPESA as the payment mode.

3. Blogging.

You need to open a blog and choose a topic of your choice. Free blog publishing services include Bloggers and WordPress.

Once you have created your blog site you should start creating content. Make sure the content is able to attract a large audience.

To get monetization for the blog you need to link it with advertising programs such as AdSense. You qualify for the ad service if your blog traffic is high. How much money you earn depends with the type of ads.

Cost per click ads pay according to how many people click on the ads. Cost per impression ads pay depending on the number of people who view the ads.

If your blog had very good traffic you may be directly approached by advertisers, you can write sponsored content and earn money directly.

4. Affiliate marketing.

Jumia is an example of an affiliate marketing company. Once you join you are provided with a link which you share on your social pages.

You get to earn money when those who click on your link purchase products from Jumia. Jumia commissions range from between 2% to 13% of the total price of the product.

5. Offer web design services.

If you are pursuing courses in IT, Computer Science, Software Engineering and such related courses then you can offer web design services to people.

6. Offer remedial teaching

This is a very good opportunity more especially during the holidays.You just need to look for a school willing to offer you the opportunity to teach and get paid.

You can also choose to offer tuition to individual students at a fee.You can teach anything from school based subjects such as maths and sciences to extra curricula ones such as music and cooking and art.

7. Invest in Money Market Fund.

Once you invest in Unit Trusts it's next to impossible to inccur losses.

The company you invest in will be sending money every month to your MPESA account in form of interests. You can start with as little as Ksh1,000.

8. Online tutoring.

You need to identify a subject you are good in then you can sign up as an online tutor.

Sites that offer these opportunities include Happy Tutors, Buddy School and TransTutors.

9. Transcribing.

This is converting audio information into written form.You need to have good English, typing skills and good listening skills as you will need to be accurate.

You can find such jobs on Transcribeme, Scribbie, CastingWords, Odesk and Speecpad

10. Data entry.

These are tasks such as copy pasting data from one source to another, converting images to texts, typing, filling forms.

You need to have great typing skills and knowledge of the English language.

11. Virtual Assistant.

This entails helping people to do their tasks while being physically absent.

These jobs include replying to emails, web research and designing blogs. The jobs may be one time or full time.These tasks are available in freelance sights such as Upwork and Elance.

You need to have a computer and internet access. Pay depends on the task.

NOTE: Jobs that involve opinion polls and surveys pay very little. There are plenty of them in the internet and you should just avoid them.

Content created and supplied by: Rose_k (via Opera News )

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