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Steps Of Becoming A Professor In Kenya And Salary Expected Once You Become A Professor

Prof Kiama - Vice Chancellor, University of Nairobi. Photo Courtesy

Perhaps you have seen prominent Kenyans being called professor and wondered how they attained that title. While many professors are found within university corridors, some can be found in other institutions of academia and research, in business and government entities.

To become a proffesor is not a straight road. It is not an academic title where you sit for an exam and have it conferred for you. For example if you wanted to get the Dr initials, you can enroll for undergraduate degree, then a masters program and finally a post graduate program. Professor is majorly determined by research on your area of expertise.

When you become a professor it becomes a lifetime title unless it is stripped by Senate of the university that conferred you the professorship title. That means by the time of getting the title you must be teaching at universities and other post-secondary education or research institutions. When you leave those institutions of academia you retain your title.

To become a professor you need to have a doctorate degree (PhD) from a recognized university. It does not matter how good you are at research, if you do not have a PhD you cannot become a professor.

After attaining your doctorate, you should have conducted research and published academic papers earning you title of associate professor. Your research should also have attracted funding to the university that you teach.

After becoming associate professor, you must publish at least 60 academic publications. 40 of the 60 publications should be from refereed scholarly journals. You should also have supervised at least five post graduate students. While masters students fall under this category, you should have at least supervised two doctoral students. The students should have successfully graduated on their course.

Depending on the academic institution you are working from, professors earn between Sh 100,000 to 1,000,000. Apart from the salary, professors earn millions in terms of grants to conduct research and publish their findings. Professors can also have jobs outside learning institutions. For example, Prof. Magoha is now Education CS while Prof Kivutha Kibwana is Makueni County Governor.

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Dr Kenya Kenyans Kiama University of Nairobi


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